Selective laser sintering (polyamide)

Selective laser sintering is a rapid prototyping technology which fabricates models in a layer by layer fashion by exposing powdered polymer material to a CO2 laser. The laser draws a section of the model in the powder thus creating a single layer of sintered material. This process repeats until the model is finished.

With this technology it is possible to create any three-dimensional shapes including undercuts in a short amount of time. The fabricated models offer comparatively high mechanical and thermal properties.

Our services:

  • Consultation on the feasibility of your product or prototype
  • Creation or processing of 3D design data
  • manufacturing of your products using selective laser sintering techniques
  • surface refinement


  • Prototypes (for visualisation or concept purposes)
  • Small batch series
  • Evaluation models and fitting examples
  • Models for design tests or revisions
  • Rapid Manufacturing

Unit: EOS P360

Material: PA2200, PA3200 GF (see data sheets)

Selective laser sintered component
Coloured SLS-components
Examples for product diversity


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Polyamide powder


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