Research and Development

Constant and specific research in the fields of new materials, technologies and products ensures that our engineering will stay your competent partner also in the future.

We are involved in several regional research networks, such as FÜKOMP and participate in funded research projects together with notable partners as TU Chemnitz, Cetex Institute, Beckmann Institute or STFI.

Yet the ideas of our customers rank first. The search for solutions of present and specific problems is often the origin of new products. If you have any ideas and approaches or if you are unsure whether your ideas can be realized, feel free to contact us! Together we will find a solution.

Our services:

  • Initial consultation and support considering the verification of feasibility
  • Support and advice in the development of your product or complete new development until maturity phase
  • Prototyping, design and fabrication of sample parts



Dr.-Ing. Thomas Liedke

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