Stereolithography (SLA/SL)

Stereolithography is a rapid prototyping technology which fabricates models in a layer by layer fashion by exposing polymer resin (photopolymer) to light. With the help of special software which converts the 3D data to 2D sections, an UV laser draws the shape of the model in a transparent vat containing the resin. The photosensitive polymer solidifies and creates a single polymer layer. This process repeats until the model is finished.

The major advantage of this technology is the possibility to fabricate precise elements with fine structures and smooth surfaces in a very short time. With manual fashioning the surface can be additionally optimised.

Our services:

  • Consultation on the feasibility of your product or prototype
  • Creation or processing of 3D engineering data and design of the required supporting structure
  • Manufacturing of your products using stereolithography techniques
  • Fashioning for surface improvement


  • Manufacturing of master forms (for vacuum casting, lost-wax casting etc.)
  • Models for exhibitions and presentations
  • Prototypes (for visualisation or concept purposes)

Unit: 3D-System SLA 3500

Material: SOMOS XC11122

Examples for SLA produced components


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