Selective laser melting (metal SLM)

Selective laser melting is a rapid prototyping technique similar to laser sintering for fabricating metal (and ceramic) parts. A computer controlled laser melts the powdered raw material layer by layer thus creating the 3D component. It is possible to realise almost all kinds of shapes and geometries, including small fillets, undercuts and even simple mechanisms. Due to the high achievable material densities the mechanical properties of the fabricated part almost correspond to the base material.

Our services:

  • Consultation on the feasibility of your product or prototype
  • Creation or processing of 3D design data
  • Manufacturing of your prototypes or small batch series using selective laser melting techniques


  • Prototypes (for visualisation or concept purposes)
  • Small batch series
  • Evaluation models and fitting examples
  • Models for design tests or revisions
  • Rapid Manufacturing

Unit: SLM 280 HL


various examples for SLM components
example of application (SLM Solutions)
example of application (SLM Solutions)
example of application (SLM Solutions)


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